Seven Months Later

Seven Months Later

When something big hit you when you’re least expecting it, you could almost feel the world around you stop for that brief moment.

It’s like you’re not there, but you are!


When reality is being shoved to your face, you try hard to think logically as you set aside some of the emotions to keep your composure.

To break down is really not an option.


When there’s no denying it, you summoned every ounce of faith you’ve got and believe with all your might that it will be okay.

You don’t exactly know how, maybe you don’t always have to know-how.


When you run out of reasons to make sense of it all, you realized it’s about time to take a step back and let Him be in control.

You no longer ask why, you simply follow.


Then seven months later, you’re still in awe.



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