The Mom That She Is

These past few months I witness the depth and complexity of motherhood…I knew for a fact that mothers are caring and loving.  Then I realized that they are that and so much more…I guess that there are things about her that you only learn about as you aged with them for it is only then that you would understand…

Her determination to stay focus in the midst of a family crisis…Keeping in mind what matters most and keeping in heart whom to share the cost.

Her passion to keep the brood intact…No matter how bad they want to pull away from each other.  For she knew too well, that she’s the glue that holds them together.

Her bravery in making impossible choices…Deciding whom to risk hurting and whom to protect dearly. Choosing the one whom she think and hope will understand, over the one who would likely falter and self-destruct.

Her unyielding faith to muster the courage…to decide whose hands to let go and whose hands to hold on.  For she knew that in embracing one child, she has to lift those arms from another.

Her iron clad but gentle heart…that she skillfully uses when the occasion arises.  Always ready to nurture, to love, to scold and when the time comes…to let go.

They may seem unreal at times but they are as normal as any person can be.  Ordinary women with extraordinary purpose.  They don’t have supernatural powers, oftentimes, just a plain brain and a beating heart.

Of course, there are Moms who also make bad choices, they err, they mess up…just like everybody else.  One thing is for sure though, that no matter how bad the choices are and no matter how bad things turn out, they never make bad intentions…for they only want nothing but the best.

(from an old blog of mine three years ago)


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