Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Telecommunications Tower

I took this photo today.  I use f16 with a 70-300 mm (I know, not a very smart move) without a tripod (probably not very smart either!).  Would have been a better shot with 18-55 mm instead, I’m not sure what I was thinking.  I don’t know when will I ever master all these apertures, shutter speed, and a hundred other buttons that are making my headache.  Anyways, too late to re-shoot, I’m trespassing and I don’t really want to push my luck ;)

Bohol Bee Farm – Bohol, Philippines

While waiting for our lunch, I snapped this photo from our table ;) ( I love the food at Bohol Bee Farm, everything is organic)  That’s Alona Beach(?!) from a distance, not so sure though…let’s just call it beach then :)

Enchanted Cave – Pangasinan, Philippines

I took this shot of my family as we’re all going down into the Enchanted Cave.  It’s quite steep actually.  I yell ‘picture’ and they automatically look up and did this;)

This cave is known for having unbelievably crystal clear water.  When we finally got inside, I’m like, I thought we’re going swimming?  I didn’t realize right away that there’s water in it ;)


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