Batanes – Where Life Can’t Get Any Simpler (Day 5) part 5 of 5

We didn’t have anything specific for our 5th day except to use the time to just relax, we’re set to fly back to Manila that afternoon.  We’re at the Batanes Resort at the time, so we’re thinking will just walk around the area or maybe go down the beach.  The problem is, it was a very rainy day!

Weather started to turn bad the night before.  We can hear the winds howling and the waves crashing!  Apparently when there’s a bad storm brewing it’s not that cool to be living so close to the ocean!  It’s quite scary!  Maybe I was tired from the hike that I managed to sleep that night in spite of the angry weather outside.

Anyways, when we woke up, weather is still not cooperating!  After having breakfast we tried going out and see if we can stroll a bit.  Rain is not that hard anyway, so we’re like why not?  Too bad, we haven’t gone that far yet from the resort when rain started to pour a bit harder.  And also the winds are quite nasty, so we figured it’ll probably best to just head back to the resort instead.

We’re quite worried actually that our flight will get canceled, they say it’s not that unusual here in Batanes since weather do changes abruptly.

When we were in Savidug and it started raining, we were told not to worry because the strength of the wind and its direction will carry the rain or the dark clouds somewhere else in just a little while.  And after a few minutes, the sky indeed started to clear!  The sun is even out and brightly shining!

So today, we’re kind of hoping for something like that, haha!

rainbow :)

Imagine our joy when we finally saw a plane in the sky!  We even laugh at ourselves, saying that’s quite an overreaction! Haha!  We sounded like stranded survivors in an island who are finally seeing rescue ;)

We don’t actually mind staying longer in Batanes, but we surely mind if we go back to unemployment or to disgruntled relatives who are on vacation for a wedding and so on and so on….So you see, I really don’t mind staying in Batanes.  If only…

After packing our things, we had our lunch and waited for Kuya Jun, he’ll be driving us back to the airport.  We told him we wanted to make a quick stop by a souvenir shop first.

When we finally reach the airport and it’s time to say goodbye to Kuya Jun, I can’t help but feel sad, I have that feeling that I will really miss Batanes.

Now that I’m writing about it, I am missing Batanes.

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6 thoughts on “Batanes – Where Life Can’t Get Any Simpler (Day 5) part 5 of 5

  1. I really enjoyed your 5 part Batanes tour ! Great writing and really awesome pictures ! I felt like I was there too :) We were listening to Ka Louie’s Agri Balita show on DZMM and his guest was a farmer from Batanes. That interview got me thinking about Batanes. I’ve visited the Philippines many times over the last 25 years,but I’ve never been to Batanes.I definitely want to visit the next time I’m in The Philippines.

    Maraning Salamat Po,

    San Diego,California

    • Thank you for the kind words, Bob! I hope you’ll find time to visit Batanes as well, you’ll definitely enjoy it there.:)
      I’m not familiar with the radio show you mentioned, but I have to ask, do you speak Tagalog language? I won’t be surprise though, lol!
      Again, maraming salamat for visiting my blog.

  2. Yikes! Oh weather, the major adversary of us traveling bloggers. Ahihihi … Oops. So sorry to hear that the moody weather God ruined your day in Batanes.

    • …we’re still lucky we get to enjoy our first 4 days though!
      I just have to say it, whenever i see your posts with ‘ahihihi’ i can’t help but smile myself! haha!

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