Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Every morning, it’s a common practice here to take the little ones out for the morning sun, especially babies.  To make them stronger they say, to keep them from getting colds easily.  When I was little, we were often told by our Lola (Grandmother) to catch the morning rays, too.  I used to wonder what’s up with this morning routine, I’m thinking you got all day to catch the sun, why make an effort to be out there so early?  Of course, I just kept it to myself; I know grandparents usually say stuff that has been passed on them by their own parents so really, you can’t argue with that.

My nephew, Uno, getting his daily dose of morning sun :)

But of course, as I get older I then understand the whole point of catching morning sun rays.  Now that I have 7 nephews and nieces, not only once were we told to take the baby out for the morning sun by doctors (especially with the couple of my nephews who were born quite yellowish)!  We’re even advised to take off as much clothing as possible to expose much of the skin.

It’s easier to take a baby out for a morning sun since they’re usually asleep, especially on their first 3 months maybe.  But it’s a whole new story when they are about 9 months and older.  You need to have a few tricks up your sleeve to make sure they still get their daily dose of the morning sun.

That’s my Tatay (father) with my nephew who’s nine months old here.  He loves riding the bike.  So every morning that’s their routine, they make lap after lap within the compound.  Our backyard is quite empty with just mango trees so they’re free to roam around safely under the morning sun.  My sister is a little hesitant about her kid going out on the streets, that’s why.  I know, first-time mom ;).  OH and that’s my Tatay’s dog, Honey.  She’s practically wherever my Tatay is ;)


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

    • Thanks, Narami! I love that photo, too. Good to hear we share the same tradition, :) It’s actually nice once you get used to it, it becomes your quiet time bonding together (especially for babies) before you start your 101 to-do-list for the day, hehe!

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