Not the Weird Side of YouTube

When I’m not in my best mood and couldn’t quite figure out what to do to lighten up, one of the quick fixes I have is to watch funny videos. Mostly laughing babies and tv series bloopers! They always crack me up. And where else can you find those but on YouTube!

I just notice though that when I’m watching YouTube, I almost always end up at really weird clippings, haha! Just like the other day, I find myself watching a monkey giving birth, not exactly a fun thing to watch, haha! I’m not even quite sure how I got there in the first place.

Anyways, before you lost your way and find yourself at the weird side of YouTube, you’ll for sure discover quite a handful of really good ones!

I’ve watched this video of Susan Boyle’s audition at Britain’s Got Talent more than once and it never ceases to touch me every single time (got me teary-eyed even if I’ve watched it for the nth time already!). Well, of course, there’s editing and music and all the stuff, which makes it three times more dramatic. But I think she’s pretty amazing really! For me, she symbolizes courage and faith more than anything else. She can really sing no doubt about that, but what makes her so special is that she dreamed and went for it regardless!

For some reason, I found myself watching videos of the musical version of the song I Dreamed a Dream. And for someone who’s not really into musicals, I was blown away. I found a new respect for these people, they are so amazing!

Here’s a video of part of the Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert:

I only know a few musical songs, a couple from Les Miserables, (like I Dreamed a Dream and On my Own) and a few as well from Miss Saigon (Sun and Moon, I Still Believe, I’d Give My Life for You). I’m familiar with Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera. But that’s pretty much it. Maybe because again, I’m not exactly into musicals. (Although, I think I may be having a change of heart here, hehe!)

This one honestly made me cry. And I’m not even familiar with the song. It’s like I heard it for the first time and I’m so taken away. I love Lea Salonga, not just because she’s a Filipina, but she really is amazing!

I spent maybe an hour going through her Miss Saigon clippings including her audition and then a few more clips of her as Fantine and Eponine on Les Miserables. If not only for work deadlines, sigh….

Before I snap back to reality and close my browser of YouTube videos tab after tab after tab (I’m sure you get the picture), I found this…


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