Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

I’m more likely to ignore Mr. Pringles, Lays, Piatos, Cheese Curls, Cheese Balls, name it…except this particular brand, Potato Chips.

Potato Chips

I won’t even get bothered if there’s ice cream or cake, or chocolates in the fridge (to my youngest sister’s delight, since it means she can have it all)…except when there’s Galaxy.


I always make sure to keep my potato chips safely hidden whenever we do our groceries every two weeks or so.  Usually, we’d buy chips, or candies for the kids and then we do have jars in the cabinet where we keep them.  My nephews knew exactly where to get their goodies whenever they will come over to our house.  So, I learned to have my own secret hiding place, haha! It’s actually my youngest nephew, Ey-em (pronounce as in A.M.) who’s very keen at finding my goodies.  He’ll always have that naughty look whenever he’ll discover my hiding place, usually by accident!  Of course, I can’t take not to share it with him.  But the sweet boy that he is, he’ll just say ‘he doesn’t like it anyway,’ simply because he knows that’s my favorite.

It’s a whole new story though when it comes to Galaxy.  We both love that chocolate.  So even if I’ll bargain that I’ll give him my sneakers or toblerone or yakult, or whatever just for him to leave alone my Galaxy, he won’t give in.  Sometimes, he’ll even end up having both!  So, I learned to hide my Galaxy with the vegetables in the fridge!  Makes sense, he won’t go near any vegetables for sure, haha!  I really love that kid!


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

  1. cheeky anty! :-)
    I like this week’s photo challenge theme. most of the posts make me smile, including yours. Nice post. I like potato chips too but I like chippy more. it’s my fave chips since h.s. :-)

    • Thanks, teacher Belle!
      yeah, I remember chippy, we still have that! As well as Tomi, remember Tomi? I guess I’m not into chips tlaga kaya super dedma lang ako sa kanila sa grocery store…except of course Potato Chips, haha!

      And hey, HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY!

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