Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

I can’t help taking a snapshot of this little girl at my nephew’s school program.  Those big pink flowers on her hair are screaming for it, haha!  She just finished performing with the rest of her classmates and she went to see her Grandmother who is seated just a couple of rows from us.

She’s pretty adorable though, she doesn’t seem to mind if she has roses pinned to her hair almost bigger than her head.  As a matter of fact, I honestly think it’s her idea :)


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

    • haha! Thanks Nizy!
      I love your Big post as well, it reminds me to be more patient and understanding. I can’t help to be a little hard headed sometimes about things that I want that I’m forgetting what really matters. Reading your post sort of knock me back to my senses ;)

      • Thank you so much!!! wow! this has been one of my favorite comment. To God Be the Glory. I thank Him so much for Using me to become a blessing to others. Happy Sunday.

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