Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

In a Foreign Land with a Foreign Experience


I never thought I would someday be back and see,

the same country which feels like a different UAE.

This time with a clear purpose to seek,

which I’ve prepared for and more than willing to complete.


Fetch at the airport by my brother-in-law,

who appears genuinely excited since the ‘help’ finally came through.

I couldn’t blame him really, he’s a first-time father-to-be.

Plus of course, the fact that we’re both foreigners in the land of UAE.


Now that I have laid my eyes on my very pregnant sissy,

I’m overwhelmingly happy, knowing she really wanted to be a mommy.

Now, it’s about to come true. Any time now, cuz she’s already due.

Anticipating…waiting…there’s nothing much we can do.


And then the time finally arrived, the moment we’ve been waiting for.

A sister in labor and then a really big newborn.

I believe he’s designed to be all so grown up,

So that we wouldn’t feel intimidated and could easily pick him up.


So goes home the first time parents and the excited Auntie,

who bravely face sleepless nights and even breast pump emergency :)

I don’t know how we all made it through our first week, I guess we just did.

The father, the mother, and one single lady.


When mother’s instinct kicks in, the teaching becomes breezy.

It makes learning a whole lot easy, even if he is her first baby.

I’ve held 7 babies in total, nephews, and nieces when they were young.

Still, I won’t compare to her, my sister she’s simply a natural.


I just knew then that I’m forever will be thankful

for yet another blessing and for his wonderful new home.

I once again open my heart to a new addition in the family,

Filling a bit a lonely space left, by a niece I also once held.




3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

    • Thanks AD! It’s a foreign experience for us since we had to do it just us three. Here in the Philippines, when you’re sick or in this case giving birth, families will gather to help out. You don’t even have to call or ask for it, I guess that’s how it has always been. Even if I’ve experienced taking care of my baby nephews and nieces before, it’s with the ‘supervision’ of my mom or grandma. This is also a first for me that I had to really take charge of things. Gladly, we all did it! :)

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