There’s No Stopping Christmas!

I know come ‘ber’ months (starting September) and Christmas has unofficially started…so imagine when December finally came.


Last October 5, I woke up and found these lanterns in our veranda…it’s not actually ours (since each house supposedly has one lantern only, well, of course, you can always choose to have as many as you want..that is after considering your electric bills first!).



Why so many lanterns then?  Well, a friend of ours whose business is making and selling lanterns left it for one night in our care while they deal with some business stuff.  They did go back for it the following day.  Our own capiz lantern is actually hanging right under the curve of our roof (or whatever it’s called), all year round ever since we bought it last…ahmm, can’t remember when really.  The only time it was brought down is for cleaning and to replace one bulb and then up it goes again to its spot.


A week after All Saint’s Day (Halloween), I put up our Christmas tree in roughly 2 hours record time! Unboxing those dusty tree and decors really takes time you know, especially when you’re being ‘assisted’ by two energetic kids!

And then there are the carolers! A group of kids, in 5’s, 3’s, or sometimes even in 2’s will come singing Christmas carols along with their improvised instruments.  And by improvising meaning, any stone or rock they could pick up along the way, or an empty can, or maybe two wooden sticks and that’s pretty much it!  You can’t hardly understand what they’re singing, either they seem to be in a rush to finish the song and move to the next house or they’re very shy…or it could be that they don’t really feel comfortable with Honey around.  Anyways, my nephews are really enjoying handing out the coins to the carolers for reasons I don’t really know why.  They just seem so excited about it.  As to how we’d say it, kinikilig pa!  It’s almost like they’re expecting the carolers every night and feel antsy when it’s late already and they haven’t come by yet.  By the way, these carolers started as early as a week ago so it’s actually still November then!  I can’t help but remember this kid maybe three Christmases ago who would come by alone, just him, a solo caroler!  He’s so shy and all but hey you’ve got to give it to him, he manages to have the guts to do that by himself.  And he never missed a single night until December 23 that year, we’re actually waiting for him on the 24th to give him a gift but he didn’t show up, looks like he took the Holiday off as well.

So, with all of these, I guess there really is no stopping Christmas! :)


5 thoughts on “There’s No Stopping Christmas!

    • Thanks Paul, I really appreciate that considering it’s coming from a guy who calls himself a ‘simple person’ haha!. But seriously, I’m glad you enjoyed your visit :) I’m looking forward to reading more of your works.

    • It’s a thing here, you can barely see a house without a lantern on Christmas (more common than Christmas tree I think). These specific lanterns are made of capiz and with lights as well. You’re right, they’re pretty cool especially at night when it’s all lit up. I’ll make sure to take a photo ;)
      Thanks for visiting again!!!

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