Just When You Thought Nothing Can Stop Christmas…

The irony…

Two days after my post ‘There’s No Stopping Christmas,’  the faith of thousands of Filipinos are once again put to test when typhoon Pablo (international name Bopha) hit the Southern part of the Philippines on December 4.  In spite of the public warnings and preparations against the super typhoon, still, Pablo claims lives, properties, and immeasurable destruction too painful to see even on TV.

Weeks after the typhoon, conditions of Pablo victims are not getting better fast enough to bring Christmas cheers to affected families.  The Government and NGO’s are on it, but you can only do so much for them, the rebuilding takes more than just relief goods and medical attention.  Only time will complete the healing.  It’s heartbreaking enough that you lost your house and everything you worked hard for but to leave you with no chance in rebuilding your home again with your loved ones is simply unimaginable.

The conflict…

While Christmas may seem the last thing people from the South would concern themselves about, the rest of the Filipinos are still into the Holiday spirit.  Looks like Christmas is still on, but does it really feel merry still?  For a lot of us, life simply has to go on.

The choice…

I’ve been avoiding news on TV, I only try to watch and see the headlines and then I usually don’t tune in long enough to know every detail.  I guess the idea is to be updated, but I don’t want it to consume me in any way.

“Maybe you have to be informed, but you don’t have to be inundated,” – The Secret

It does make sense to me.  If bad news could literally weigh your spirits down then it’s not worth your time.   But of course, in reality, it’s not that easy, how can you not want to see what typhoon Pablo did for instance?  But then again, I asked myself what good would it make them if I’ll keep on watching ‘news’ about their misfortune and then feel in despair about it?  Yes, I’m affected and I’m saddened with what happened to the people of Compostela Valley.  But guess what, this is what I have chosen to do…

I will do what I can from where I am with what I have…I will pray for peace in their hearts and strength in their minds to start a new…and I will hope for good things for them.  By the Law of Attraction, I believe that things are going to get better.



9 thoughts on “Just When You Thought Nothing Can Stop Christmas…

  1. though its really disheartening to see people badly affected by typhoon Pablo, and worst those who lost their houses during Christmas day, and now another typhoon, but that’s life we all encounter storms in life, whether a literal storm or life struggles. What we can do is to pray and share something to our fellow Pinoys! :)

    • I guess it’s a good thing that no matter what adversities we face in life we always seem to manage to live through it…even if it may seem impossible at times, for some reason we always do…

  2. I’m really happy that you’re also a believer of “the Secret”. Filipinos are very jolly people they know how to make the best out of anything that comes to them with smiles on their faces.

    Happy Christmas/Holidays Ate Aian!

    • Let’s just say, if it doesn’t hurt to believe in the ‘the secret’ then why not, right? It does raises a few questions/issues for me but hey, pick the good things and drop those that doesn’t fit you.
      Maligayang Pasko to your family from my family here :) God bless always, Bino!

  3. If man”kind” didn’t treat money as blood…an understood that human energy is our currency…the solution would be simple…lets all go to the disaster site and build them new homes and give them food. As for the loss of life…that could’ve been avoided…build cities away from areas prone to natural disasters.

    • That would be very ideal…but I guess the painful reality is that even those who wanted to help needs to have certain reservations to make sure that they won’t later on be part of those people ‘needing’ help.
      I remember an article you re-posted about humans being the ‘virus’…looks like earth is fighting an infection now and reacting against the virus itself.

  4. Your last paragraph sums it up well. Do what you can. Try not to be overpowered by news reports and the media. That helps nothing or no one. Just do what you can do. Great attitude.

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