End of the Year Preppers

Every year, we get to celebrate New Year’s Eve together with the whole family.  We always have Media Noche to welcome yet another year as we bid goodbye and give thanks to the year that was.

Tomorrow, I will be busy in the kitchen preparing baked mac, fruit salad, empanada, and cathedral (jelly dessert).  My other siblings will also be preparing something for the evening.  (We usually set up just one long table for the four houses inside our compound).  We’ll be preparing some parlor games for the kids as well.

The kids are particularly very excited, I’m pretty sure it’s because of the gifts (they only get to open their gifts on new year’s eve, only in our family I think, most families open their gifts on Christmas) and the fireworks, of course!

Every year, no matter what the circumstances are, we always try our best to pull off a new year’s ‘party’ for the whole family.  It doesn’t have to be literally a feast, big or fancy, it just has to be something that we can all sit together to as we welcome another year.



As part of Filipino traditions and beliefs, every household (may vary depending on one’s own interpretation of course) should have:

A feast for the whole family to devour as 12midnight strikes.

A set of fireworks to light up as you welcome the new year.

Anything that could make noise, from the typical ‘torotot’ (trumpet) to empty cans tied to bicycles (which will make noise as you drag it along). – the whole point is to drive away all the bad stuff, spirits, or vibes or whatever you may call that.

A handful of coins in your pockets – supposedly to give abundance in terms of wealth.

Any polka-dotted clothing – again to bring forth or to invite wealth.

Jump as twelve-midnight strikes – to make you taller.

Open all windows and turn on all the lights inside the house – to invite all the blessings.

Have 12 different kinds of round fruits on the table – again, to attract abundance

Pay any debt you may have – so that you could start the year with a clean slate.

I actually grew up with these traditions.  Back then I don’t really understand half of it  ( I think even up to now, haha!) or probably I don’t really care.  I just jump with all my might to become taller they say (in my head though, I’m just thinking if everyone’s jumping but me, I might end up as the shortest kid in school, so I might as well just jump!).


18 thoughts on “End of the Year Preppers

  1. love traditions, I think they bind us as a community and give us a common ground to share. That’s what humanity is all about, traditions mingled with hope and a rule to stay away from all things negative. It’s sad that despite all our commonalities we still manage to strike up wars and breed hatred!!!
    love your post..
    God bless!

    • Thanks, Antonia! You’re right it’s quite frustrating sometimes how some people could find the slightest reason to hate someone, let’s just continue to hope that these little good things could still managed to influence or remind everybody that life is good and will get even better when shared with someone. :)

  2. Nice post! I love learning about traditions. The polkadot clothing reminded me of when I lived in Venezuela, and I’d always see yellow underwear for sale in all the open markets before New Years. I was always told it was to attract wealth and good fortune in the new year.

    • Thanks, Heather! :) I’m not exactly surprise that you love stuff like these. You guys have surely experienced quite a lot of different traditions with all the traveling you’ve had. I hope this 2013 will get even more exciting for the both of you!

  3. Hi Aian,
    Thank you again, for sharing your country and family’s holiday traditions. I really like things like this…, and the picture has me hungry for roast chicken.

    • It is my pleasure to share our traditions, glad you like my post again :)
      That is actually roasted turkey, that was from last year…I just tried to squeeze one post the night before I prep for New Year’s eve since I knew I will be very busy on the 31st, so I just use last year’s photo :)

    • Happy New Year, too! We missed you guys so much…but we know you’re happy that you’re together so I think that makes waiting until 2014 still bearable. God bless always! Mwah!

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