Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Its summertime and temperature could easily reach 36 degrees Celsius on ordinary days.  Yesterday, Sunday is no different (it actually felt hotter than 36).  We spend most of our afternoon in a make-shift hut in our backyard.  Just lazily chatting, eating, and playing badminton with the kids.

I took a few snapshots for this week’s photo challenge:

A very tall coconut tree.


We have a few coconut trees around the backyard, from time to time we get to harvest a few to enjoy its meat (buco pandan, buco salad, or just plain buco meat) and of course buco juice!!!  Most coconut trees grow really tall, I’m not good at estimating height nor distance but these trees are really tall!

But we do have one that is just as high as our rooftop.  I’m not sure why but it just didn’t grow as tall as the others.

A clear blue sky. Up-blue sky

Yesterday is quite hotter than usual.  There’s no breeze at all until late afternoon.  It’s just blazing hot!  The trees are providing shades of course, so we’re pretty good, it’s just not as relaxing as previous Sundays.  The skies are looking pretty though, it’s quite clear and you can see how blue it is.

A moon in broad daylight.Up-moon

The sky is so clear we could actually see the moon!  Quite interesting, especially for the kids, they’re used to seeing the moon only at night.  I’m glad they didn’t get into ‘why-mode’ and just exclaimed their amazement and then the kids that they are, they are quickly off to something else even before I’m done taking pictures.

A freaky branch.Up-afternoon sky

The silhouette of this dried branch against the darkening sky looks a little freaky to me.  It’s around 5pm in the afternoon.  It’s a little cooler now, there’s a breeze and the sun is finally ready to say bye-bye to yet another summery Sunday!


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

  1. Images that makes me appreciate the beauty and blessings around me. Growing up, I am surrounded by blue skies and stunning coconut trees. They somehow remind me of everything that made me smile with joy.

    • Thanks, IT! I’m glad you like it. I’m almost always in-doors working, but knowing that I could just look outside the window or spend the afternoon in our little make-shift bahay kubo and enjoy all the trees and blue skies, gives me so much peace within! ;)

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