Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

When you’re a full-time freelancer and you’re starting to feel that you’re a prisoner inside your own work station (aka bedroom), then it’s time for that sweet escape!

And why won’t you?  I believe one needs to learn to love thyself in order to love others.  Or simply put, if you don’t want to deal with a cranky person better let her have her vacation!!!

When you’re starting to hear your imaginary alarm going off saying, Warning! Boredom has reached a dangerous level!  Warning! Tolerance almost depleted!  Warning! Chips and treats are no longer working!

Then you better start packing your bags and head somewhere else!  Well, it could be just a day out in the mall or movie house or visit friends, that works, too of course…but sometimes you just need a little more than that…a little further, proximity-wise….just to distance yourself even just for two days away from ‘all of these’ (like physically, haha!).

Here’s my sweet escape: An out of town trip!




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