Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

‘Been busy these past few weeks…I really missed a lot with my blogger friends and WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge…I have a feeling I’ll be having late lunch today ;)

For this week’s photo challenge, ‘the world through my eyes.’

The world through my eyes – I see nature’s wonders.  I have this shot from one of our out of town trips.  It’s a view of a distant beach from the beach where we’re staying ;) (Bohol Bee Farm).  Quite an amazing view isn’t it?  We’re actually waiting for our lunch when I took this snapshot, hayysss, eating in from of an ocean view…I really miss that.


The world through my eyes – I see adoring living creatures.  This is a ‘stray dog’ I took notice of.  He’s wrestling with some dried leaves and sticks and ended up dragging this one too I’m not sure where.  The thing is that he seems pretty proud that he conquered it, haha!


The world through my eyes – I see and thankful for my loved ones.  A snapshot of my nephew in a pool wave.  I think he’s waiting for it here, he’s just going bananas whenever the waves would hit them (along with his cousins).  They’re just enjoying the most of their summer without a care in the world!



14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

    • thanks, Phil! I saw a photo of a baby egret in one of the blogs I visited, she even liken it to ‘rod stewart’ haha! I immediately thought of your website :)

  1. I love the beach picture! I’m jealous of you :)
    Bohol is just 3 hours away by boat from my province but I’ve never been there. I wanted to go there but I never had the chance… I hope to visit on my next vacation.

    • Yes, you should, perhaps by then even with Coco in tow! Although the thought of a 3-hour boat ride is quite scary to me, haha! Longest boat ride I’ve had would be a trip from Iloilo to Guimaras and that’s like short of an hour i think.

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