Time Does Flies!

I can’t believe that my last blog entry is June of 2013 (hmmm, note to self: New Year’s resolution, not exactly working).

Time does flies.  It’s now March, and weirdly, I don’t have a clue on what happened with the majority of the last 8 months!

time flies

I guess you don’t have to remember all of it, perhaps just those moments that affected you the most, right?  Well, I do remember that there are times of sadness (losing a cousin), fear (the calamities in the Southern part of the country and all), and joy of course (vacationing nephew, sister, and Aunt).

Of course, it didn’t stretch throughout the period of 8 months; I guess the in-betweens are the ‘calm’ times, nothing exciting but nothing stressful as well.

So where did the time go?

Frankly, I don’t know, I’m not sure.   I’m thankful though that it’s March already, looking on the bright side, it means that whatever happened in the past I obviously lived through it.

As to why I didn’t blog for so long? Hmmm…I kept saying, I’m busy or ‘been busy…but really not even a once-a-month-blog-post?  Yep, that’s a pretty lame excuse, I know that now.

Although I have to say that not having enough time is a legit reason because blogging also eats up time. (Trust me, you can easily lose track of time when blog hopping, lol!)

I work fulltime as a freelancer – Monday, all fired-up for a good start;  by Friday or Saturday, thankful to have accomplished a week’s worth of task and to-do lists…Sunday, catching up on house chores or sleeping or what have you….and then rinse and repeat for the following week. ;)

I’m not complaining, oh no, I’m actually thankful that this whole freelancing thing is working perfectly for me. It’s just that sometimes I feel so relieved when work is done that I simply just want to turn off my computer and go sleep, go watch TV or go somewhere else (I wish!).

The point being is that I tend to lose myself in the routine.  And yes, before I knew it, time has flown away.  And unknowingly, even the things that I used to love so much (like blogging) are simply pushed aside in order to keep up.

time does flies

Starting anew

I came across a blog today, she talked about the new year and new challenges and what she intends to do (still) – that is of course from March throughout the year.

Then it dawned on me, it does make sense even with our New Year’s resolution!  It doesn’t mean that you missed the first few months, you can simply forget about the remaining time you still have.  As if it doesn’t count or it’s not valid or whatever – because naturally, we associate New Year’s resolution as something that needs to start on a January and ends on a December.

Well, I think simply put it should be called ’changes’ plain and simple.  Changes that you can act on as long as there is time.  Good thing that I still have time, hopefully, plenty of time to spare still ;)

Time does flies.  Don’t miss your flight!


8 thoughts on “Time Does Flies!

  1. It is crazy how quickly time flies! We can’t believe it is March ourselves. We have a big year ahead of us and as we will time to pass, we also want time to slow. Hope you keep on blogging :)

    • Time seems to speed up a bit when you’re enjoying and painfully slows down when you’re aching for something to be over, haha! Well, we just have to keep up, right? :)
      Thanks for visiting!

  2. Hello Aian, Welcome back! Good to see and hear from you again. I know it’s been a long time, but any visit from a friend is always welcome. Sounds like you’ve been busy, but doing well. Take care.

    • Thanks for the warm welcome, Paul! I did miss blogging. Actually, the updates about your house renovation is one of the first things I checked on! Awesome job! You should really be proud!
      One of my blogger friends here have also given birth and the baby is actually 6 months old now! Wow, I really missed a lot, ‘glad to be back again!

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