Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

For this week’s photo challenge I would like to give you a glimpse of what happens inside my bedroom during night time with my little nephew, Uno :)  He vacationed here with his mom for a good 1 and a half months.  Still too short of a vacation if you ask me.

This is the ‘inside’ of my lip color palette…that is after he played with it.  I know I should have stopped him or at least said no but he’s having so much fun at the time that I just let him mess with it :)inside my lipstick palette

Some nights, he just played with my books…as if he could actually read! He’s months shy of being 3 years old here. (photo taken with a camera phone)

inside my room

Then there are nights when….

Uno??? Where are you?

Of course, I know exactly where he is, hihi!


There you are!!!  Found you!!!

baby in a luggage…I love you, bunso!!!


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