A Dog Named Joey

I’m a dog person; I’m so convinced that I am.

But I don’t have a dog yet although I’ve always wanted one.

Yes, we have had family dogs in the past.  In fact a few through the years, (let’s see, we had Spot, Sylvester, Honey, Anika, Sunday, and Princess)

….but I want one that is mine.  My dog, my Joey.

Yup, he already has a name.  Joey.

From Joey Tribbiani of Friends.

All six friends are great, they’re all funny.  In fact, I guess every one of them makes each other funny.  I guess Joey simply stands out a bit for me.  Perhaps because there’s that very childlike character in him.

Ever since Friends, the very name makes me smile – Joey for me means laughter, fun and pure happiness.  The name is pretty symbolical for me now.

I believe that’s what that dog will bring me – laughter, fun and pure happiness!

When the right time comes, perhaps real soon, I will welcome him home and make him forever mine.

There’s a dog named Joey.

Wishful thinking.

my joe

This is my first attempt to join in the Weekly Writing Challenge, for this week it’s ‘Power of Names’ – not quite sure how to go about it, but here’s a quick try:)

7 thoughts on “A Dog Named Joey

  1. I am not an animal lover but I do hope you’ll get a Joe dog someday soon.
    In the case of Friends, tho, I like Ross the moss. I think the combination of super silliness and PhD is cracking. :)

    • Thanks AlienKeren, I intend to have Joe soon :)
      And Ross is hilariously funny, too. I think I’m a little bit of him in a sense that I always find myself awkwardly hanging in what was intended to be a funny remark, haha!

  2. Ah, Aian, happiness is a gift you give to yourself. No one can truly MAKE you happy except you. Others can share it with you though and can share theirs with you. I always thought Joey was the best character on that show too.

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