People’s Champ Many Pacquiao is So Back!!!

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I don’t understand the technicality of boxing; I just know that it’s a good thing that you’re hitting as to getting hit. KO is no good. Headbutting is bad. And yes, when you get a cut or bleed, they try to flatten it out with that silver looking thing.

But of course, ever since Manny Pacquiao, every Filipino now watches boxing (at least when he has a fight) and that includes me!!!

Sunday is a pretty tense day for me, haha! I’m still finishing up on some work that morning but I can’t help but feel my stomach tensing in anticipation of the Pacquiao-Bradley match.

Then a little over 12nn yesterday, it was such a relief that the 12th round was finally over! I was hoping for a knockout but nevertheless, I’m so glad Manny won that fight (well – he did, too, the first time, right?)

The People’s Champ, locally known as the ‘Pambansang Kamao’ is sooo back!  Not that he was ever gone, but a lot of people are starting to doubt his power…

– like he no longer has that killer punch (considering he got knocked out himself by Marquez during their 4th match – which personally I think there shouldn’t have been a 4th time in the first place.)

– he’s getting older. That is of course in the boxing world – the guy is 35 years old now. I wonder if we’ll ever get to see that Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, hopefully before they both retire.

– he’s now too kind, too religious. In all fairness, he has always been religious – always kneels in his corner to pray, always had that rosary around him (well not anymore). Honestly, I think if his newfound faith is making him a better person, let the man be.

– he gets into politics, movies, singing…With politics, I sincerely believe that he wants to help his people. He knows what it feels like to be poor and he believes he can make a difference. As to movies and singing – well, I guess given the chance I think we would all want to live our fantasy at one point in our lives; the guy is living his ;)

pacquiao vs bradley

I’m no boxing enthusiast but I do get it when people would say that a boxer’s punch when he’s just starting is way more powerful compare to when he had found fame (probably even so for someone who already got every imaginable title there is) – I guess a punch fueled by such a strong drive and passion to prove something can very well be called a killer punch.

But Manny Pacquiao may not have knocked out Bradley, or anyone for the last 7 years (?) but I do believe when they said that Manny is getting smarter, he’s being careful, he is a thinking boxer. Again, I don’t know much about the technicality of boxing but that fight with Bradley, wow,  I saw an amazing PacMan!

Congratulations, Manny! #PinoyPride #PambansangKamao


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