The Sunday Currently Volume 1: Starting All Over Again

Okay, I know – the title is a little too dramatic because I’m actually referring to my blogging!
But hey, blogging-wise – I’m really starting all over again!

So, first off, any trace of my only New Year’s Resolution for 2015 is totally out in the window – post a blog at least a month, yeah right, who am I kidding?  (It’s October and I only get to blog twice before this one!)  Well, in all fairness I’m really sooo committed to doing exactly that, until…well life happens!

Anyways, as of lately, I am so inspired to get back at blogging again – *wide grin.  And by happenstance, I came across this weekly writing prompt called, ‘The Sunday Currently’ – and I’m like, this looks fun! It’s quite simple. Fairly easy. Very doable. You can be as detailed as you want or as brief as you wish (aka too-busy-and-I-don’t-have-the-time-to-elaborate-right-now).

Let’s see how many volumes of this thing I can write before I drop the ball :P The-Sunday-Currently-Volume-01

I’m currently:


Other bloggers’ Weekly Photo Challenge entries for this week – which I’m absolutely enjoying! The topic or theme being ‘ornate’ – I’m seeing a lot of ancient temple shots!  Plus, visiting blogger friends as well – it’s been a longgggg while and I’m curious to know what they’re up to lately.


Draft of topics I would like to write for the coming weeks.  I came up with this new category called, ‘Peek’ – I thought maybe I can write random stuff about my work being an online freelancer, hence, the title. It’s like a peek in my world. I’m still not 100% sure about this, especially given the fact that on a more ‘normal’ week I’m loaded with work –  time will be a factor for sure. Plus, when you’re working online –  you kind of looking forward to logging off the net whenever given the chance. Hmmm…Decisions. Decisions.


To Ed Sheeran’s Photograph and BSB’s Shape of My Heart. On repeat. Almost all day. :)


About kefir grains – we have a small batch in the fridge and we haven’t used it for maybe two weeks straight. I’m not sure if it’s still ‘alive,’ (although it looks like it).  I just prepared kefir milk – keeping fingers crossed that it’ll still work. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.


Lemon tea.


For Joey – my ‘future’ dog :)


For more work this week – Christmas is fast approaching.  Like super fast.


Black loose-fitting shirt and a pair of shorts.


Plants vs Zombies – I know! I’m super late! haha!


Faber-Castell colored pencils – because I brought an Adult coloring book today!!!


A really colorful Christmas Card – need to send it this week, just to be sure it’ll make it on time.  Wow, I can’t remember the last time I actually mail something via post.


Happy. Inspired. Peaceful.


Blog hopping!


The Sunday Currently was originally created by SiddaThornton.


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