Why Working at Home Works for Me

The idea of working at home may not be for everyone – in fact it’s no secret that there are those who don’t even consider it a ‘real’ job.  But hey, to each his own, right?  For me, it simply works!

First off, I’m no computer expert, let’s just be clear about that.  I do have decent computer skills and know my way around the internet pretty well.  It turns out it’s enough to give you an opportunity to work at home online. And why exactly it works for me?

Here’s why:


I’m most comfortable when I’m home.

I feel like I have everything I need (even if in fact, I don’t. ..still it feels like it).  Need your comfy slippers? Check!  No, the other comfy slippers…looking…looking…Check!  I love the fact that I don’t have to spend hours getting ready in the morning.  And I don’t have to commute!  Yay! I just have to get up from bed – turn on the computer – brush teeth – make coffee – sit on my chair – and I’m officially in the ‘office.’

I’m a self-starter.

I don’t need the boss to glare down on me to get me started or to keep me moving. Once I accepted a project considered it done, that’s how much I value my word with clients.  My priority is always delivering what I have agreed upon with them…and MORE if possible. I would wake up early if I have to and work late at night if needed.

I’m obsessed with organization.

I have my own way of keeping things neat and in order and it doesn’t bother me at all that I have to do it myself.  In fact, I WANT to do it myself.  Virtual folders after folders after folders. Let’s see – notepads here, pens over there, coffee mug…got.to.be…here!  Okay, perfect!

I’m a self-confess introvert.

I love the idea that I can choose the project I want to work on and basically choose the people I want to work with.  Yes, from time to time I come across people who don’t exactly make it to my list of favorite people in the world – but knowing that I am somehow in control, give me that extra patience to work it out with them (which oftentimes turns out to be worth all the hassle after all).

Again, working at home may not be for everyone, but for me it simply is!  And I’m not going to sugarcoat it – it does have its disadvantages as well.  But then again, considering one’s personality and work ethics… those disadvantages may be a small price to pay for the stress one is spared from by working at home. :)


All images from Pixabay


4 thoughts on “Why Working at Home Works for Me

  1. Since I moved to my husband and we started our common life he was dreaming about working from home. In August this year he got a job he really loves and enjoys as an online English teacher. He doesn’t need to spend money for traveling to work, eat unhealthy and expensive lunches, he can take rest between the classes and what is the most important for him, he can be beside me. ☺

    • Exactly, right? More time spent with family…that’s a big deal for me, too. I feel blessed that I’m able to grab this kind of opportunity and be given the choice to work from home. :)

  2. Orderly and neat is necessary to precise work. You already know where everything is located and you don’t have to guess where you last put it…., but is that a bit of dust on the desk ????? …or is it just some pollen from the flowers ????? Ha !!!! :)

    • Haha! First, I hope my work desk really look like that (what a gorgeous computer!) and secondly, yep – I can get pretty obsessive sometimes, it’s a pain to see things in disarray :) but I have a thing now…I let my desk go ‘messy’ – I call it ‘controlled messiness’ :D

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