The Sunday Currently Volume 2: Living in the Moment

Woohoo!!!  I made it to Volume 2!  Too early to celebrate? Not really. In the past, I have said a couple of times that I’m back at blogging and I had to admit that one post (basically the same post where I said I’m back) is not exactly a comeback feat!

For this week’s The Sunday Currently, following what happened in Paris – I’m opting to apply some Law of Attraction stuff here – I still can’t wrap my head around it, I still don’t understand why it has to happen – but what I CAN do for sure is send positive thoughts, hopes, and energy their way.


I’m currently:


News. My thoughts and prayers to the people caught in the middle of senseless and inconceivable acts of violence all over the world. I’m choosing to resonate good vibes.


Still working on that Christmas card – still adding some ‘finishing touch.’ My penmanship has gone from bad to worst – I can hardly read my own handwriting, haha! That kinda explains the need for some ‘decorating’ there.  By the way, the recipient is a little 6-year old girl, so I’m hoping she’ll like it. ;)


To Jason Marz’ Living in the Moment :)

I’m letting myself off the hook for things I’ve done.
I let my past go past, and now I’m having more fun.
I’m letting go of the thoughts that do not make me strong.
And I believe this way can feel the same for everyone.


About the family – my perfectly imperfect family :)


Barbecue. Oh wait, that’s me! We ate out today.  Like literally ‘out’-side the house :) We did some barbeque-ing, that explains why I smell delicious ;)  We also had some grilled fish, boiled veggies and chicken sinampalukan (a Filipino dish, chicken swimming in broth with tamarind flavoring.  Weird? I know, haha!).


For that extra ounce of strength and courage, peace of heart and peace of mind for people needing it most right now.


For peace on earth! :)


Uhm…same thing like last week? haha!  I work from home and I basically wear the same thing every day.  It’s like my work uniform – basically a t-shirt/tank top and a pair of shorts. Yep, I’ll just call it my work uniform!


This moment right here!


A productive week!  Last week, was a pretty awesome one, so, I just want to keep the groove going :)



Hopefull. Strong. Happy.



The Sunday Currently was originally created by SiddaThornton.

8 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently Volume 2: Living in the Moment

  1. Neither can I understand why these seemingly senseless acts occur….not just Paris, but also acts of violence mass murder around the world. I live in hope that we may all live in peace very, very, soon.

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