Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory

After a few not-so-successful attempts, I’m feeling pretty victorious that I’m finally seeing progress with my succulent propagation from leaves. Seeing those miniature plants sprouting out from a dying leaf brings a smile to my face. I’m not exactly sure what I did that worked this time around but still, I’m proud that I now have new baby succulents :)

I’ve been seeing these gorgeous succulent plants on Pinterest and Instagram and I’m pretty contented admiring their beauties online until I got curious whether we have it here in the Philippines.  And after just a few clicks on Google not only did I found out that we do have succulents here, but I also found a seller online :) Excited much? Oh, yes!Weekly-Photo-Challenge-Victory

So, after just a few days, I’m a proud owner of 18 varieties of succulents – I got disappointed with the manner the delivery went, but I chose to look past that and marvel at my new plants instead.  Even if it means I had to buy pots and garden soil, like STAT! (Because they all came in wrapped in papers – I thought I brought plants, so I expected plants planted at least in those black plastic nursery pots.) OH well…


I’ve never tried planting anything before,  I know nothing about gardening except that you need to water plants so they don’t die.  But after trolling websites after websites that have something to do with succulents – I felt pretty confident that I can grow these beauties myself!  They talked about how easy it is to care for them, how easy it is to propagate, and basically all the easy stuff.

I learned the hard way that it’s not as easy as they said it would be – at least to me, it isn’t!  Weeks after weeks I would wake up to a dying plant. I scrambled online trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong.  I started getting frustrated and the excitement started to wane.  BUT, I didn’t give up. I’m like – I may not be the best gardener to save these succulents, but I’m patient enough to make sure I try everything I can.


And so… proudly and victoriously – I still have 15 varieties today! ( I can’t name each of them. At least not yet.) It seems that I finally got the perfect garden soil combination and watering schedule.  Not only did I managed to stop them from dying, but I’m also now seeing positive results with my leaves propagation after probably 3 failed batches.  So imagine my excitement every time I would wake up to these little signs of new life sprouting out!

What about you, have you tried gardening before? It’s pretty relaxing – that I found out to be really true! That is after of course the learning part of it :)

So, that’s for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory

  1. First law of succulents, Alan – don’t over water! Most of them seem to thrive in drought conditions once established. I’m looking forward to future instalments as you progress ;)

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