Finding Zen with Adult Coloring Book

I’ve been hearing about this adult coloring book craze over the internet for quite some time now and I never really thought of actually getting my hands on it – no particular reason except the generic excuse of ‘I don’t have the time.’

But then!  When I was shopping for (what turns out to be an epic) Christmas card (I’ll explain why so, maybe one of these days) there it is – a shelf full of adult coloring books!


So, I did came home with a copy tucked under my arm not knowing if I will ever lay a hand on it again after that day.  Perhaps, I was so in the good mood then that I’m not over thinking stuff that I would normally over-think about – it’s more like whatever, I’m here it’s there, it’s not that expensive, (and even if it is I sooo deserve it) –  so, what the heck? Buy it! AND I DID!


And as if by good chance, I kept finding myself sitting idle these past couple of weeks which is not very common because I’m used to having a full-load of work on a daily basis.  And instead of looking for more work to tap what I consider to be normal workload for me – I just embrace it!  My thought process is as long as I’m going to be able to pay the bills – I’m sitting back and I’m going to relax.


So, the coloring begins!  I’m not surprised that I’m enjoying it – I guess because when I was little, I have always enjoyed this activity until…

Well – I grew up!  And the coloring books were put away.  Forgotten.  Then I grew older.  And life becomes complicated.  Coloring books completely fell off my radar.

In my head – kids color books, adults paint or sculpt or do some grownup art stuff (which I clearly don’t have the skills for).

But if you’re really going to think about it – why not, right?  Why the hell can you not color books anymore just because you’re adult now?

If it’s any consolation it’s called ‘adult coloring books’ for a reason!


And now, I’m just glad I tried. Surprisingly, it’s really very relaxing!  No kidding! I know that it’s what the hype is all about – they say it’s like meditation and a great way to de-stress and all that, but finding it out for yourself is pretty cool if not amazing.

Last night, I think I spend a good hour coloring – I even turn the TV off so I can concentrate. It feels very calming. I’m just all about the strokes I’m making…very zen, right?  Before I knew it, I was ready for bed.

I never got the hang of meditation but THIS – this I totally get.  If it’s the same thing, well, good for me because I’m enjoying this.

In fact, I’m loving it!

So, what about you, have you tried adult coloring book?

4 thoughts on “Finding Zen with Adult Coloring Book

  1. I love adult coloring books and zentangles. I think it is a great outlet for our stressful lives. I have found quite a few of these coloring books online on Amazon and also so at the local arts and crafts stores. I think it allows us to relax keep it up.

  2. Wow, I saw them in the store last week and I thought they were pretty. But I couldn’t imagine that I would have the time or inclination to do it. Perhaps it’s something for Christmas. Lovely shallow perspective shots, by the way.

    • Thanks! I was experimenting with my camera (which I haven’t touched in a lonnnggg while now) – trying to remember the stuff I read about aperture and stuff but ends up just experimenting with the buttons instead :)

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