The Sunday Currently Volume 3: Just Chilling

This Sunday is more laid back than the previous two – no birthday celebrations, no eating out, everybody’s just minding their own business.  Me – I’m just chilling. I’m actually getting ready to do some ‘meditation’ aka coloring book time, but I thought I should write my volume 3 of The Sunday Currently first.

See, I’m making good on my plan this time! *wide grin* I’m really back at blogging (fingers’ crossed here!).  I’m actually planning to do this ‘Wordless Wednesday’ thing as well but figured it might be a stretch because whenever I get my hand on my camera – I usually lose track of time, so I’m not 100 percent sure about that yet.  But hey, this prompt as well as the ‘Weekly Photo Challenge,’ not bad, right? :)The-Sunday-Currently-Volume-3

I’m currently:


Random stuff over the net. Perhaps I should get myself a book this coming Christmas. Sounds like a good idea. Any suggestions?


Updates for someone about how life is going at my side of the world.


To Sleeping at Last’ cover of As Long as You Love Me for Grey’s Anatomy. I have a love-hate relationship with this TV series (mainly because first they kill George, then I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t like Jo for Karev) but this week’s episode, that scene with the firefighter Casey and his wife? Oh boy. Tears.


About Christmas tree and cupcakes.


Food, a pasta dish (palabok).  I had snacks inside my room. With windows closed. I know. Bad decision. ‘Will do it again.


For a laptop and a dog.


To get my passport renewed sometime soon.


The usual – casual get up when at home.


My camera. Yes. All over again.


A smooth sailing week! With no-drama.  Only good vibes.


Maybe a bit more workload – nothing big, I don’t really want to stress myself out.  Just enough to raise ‘funds’ for the holidays, haha!


Lazy :)


Blog hopping, I’m enjoying the entries for this week’s weekly photo challenge’s theme, trio. But I’m planning to unplug early today.

The Sunday Currently was originally created by SiddaThornton.


5 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently Volume 3: Just Chilling

  1. I was in Waterstones on the weekend, looking for a Christmas book and I picked up Jostein Gaarder’s “The Christmas Mystery”, for no other reason than I had read Sophie’s World a long time ago. My computer feels like it’s on its last legs and I’m thinking/wishing for a laptop too. Have a lovely Sunday. I’m still in pjs and it’s lunchtime.

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