Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

Ha, considering three would be one of the numbers I will normally obsess about – I don’t have a lot of images that depict the number – at least not something that I did took for the reason that there are three subjects there.

But I did found this one – my nephew running around with his balloons which happen to be three.  It was his birthday and we surprised him with a little party.  I remember him smiling from ear to ear that day – it was definitely a good Sunday afternoon.  This was taken after the parlor games and all the bunch of them are just running around playing with the balloons.Weekly-Photo-Challenge-Trio

This one I particularly shoot just this afternoon – I saw this figurine of three dolphins in our entertainment cabinet in the living room. I discreetly snuck it inside my room and took a few shots. Note to self: put it right back ;)Weekly-Photo-Challenge-Trio-2

And lastly, a photo of the trilogy by Veronica Roth.  I’m not particularly crazy about the story (although I did manage to finished all three)  but these are pretty special to me because it was a gift from my sweet cousin (who also gave me 5 of my 7 Harry Potter books). Shout out to my cousin Jozeff and his wifey Kell!Weekly-Photo-Challenge-Trio-3

So, there – my ‘three’ entries for the Weekly Photo Challenge theme, trio.


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