A Day in the Life of a Freelancer

Working full-time as a freelancer definitely has its ups and downs – but then again what job doesn’t, right?  Regardless of the disadvantages that come with being a freelancer,  I would still prefer to be one.  In fact, through the years I have learned to embrace the beauty and chaos that comes with this kind of lifestyle.

Here’s a peek in the life of a full-time online freelancer:A-Day-in-the-Life-of-a-Freelancer

On a more normal day, (I would definitely be writing about the not-so-normal day one of these days) I wake up at 5:50 am which gives me 10 minutes to brush teeth and make coffee (which is simply instant coffee so it doesn’t really take a lot of time).  At 6am I’m already seated and already checking emails – that’s the first thing I do just to make sure that things are good as usual or if there’s any task that needed to be prioritized or dealt with urgently for that particular day (which do not always happen …but just to make sure).

More often than not, the order in which I do each task for each employer every day is quite the same.  If ever I have to make some adjustments, it’s basically due to employer’s request or maybe boss 1 is heading out for a vacation or boss 2 is launching a website and so on and so forth.

I usually have my breakfast around 8am or 9am – which is usually a soupy oatmeal in a mug which I, of course, bring over to my desk.  Sometimes, if I’m in the mood to really eat something – I cook egg omelet or eat rice with leftovers or sometimes instant noodles (very occasionally – I try to stay away from processed food whenever I can). I eat pretty fast, so in about 15 minutes I’m done with my breakfast ;)


Before 10am I make sure that I have already taken a bath and seated back to continue working.  If I could manage to make a quick sweep or mopping of the bedroom (aka work area/home office) floor then that’s a happy plus!

Twelve o’clock, of course, is lunchbreak.  (Although occasionally I miss the 12-noon lunch if I happen to be talking to one of the bosses or maybe having a job interview – time differences can be a pain sometimes.)

I go back to work at 1pm and then continue working until 6pm.  I then do my little 20-minute- exercise-thing (I know! It’s like a warm-up for other people!) and then have dinner afterward.

That is pretty much it for the day unless, I have some other urgent task that needed to be dealt with – if that’s the case I go back online at 7 or 8pm after a quick shower and will continue working until 10pm.

So this routine happens normally for 5 or 6 days a week (depending on the workload).  I get to have a day or two me time, which of course I totally love! I prefer having my night free so I’d really rather start working early and be off duty by 6pm.  If I have to be somewhere or need to run an errand, I try to switch things up a bit and work later during the night instead. (That is of course only applicable for work tasks that are not time-sensitive or do not require a specific time of the day to be completed.)A-Day-in-the-Life-of-a-Freelancer-02

It may look like that for a freelancer I’m pretty tied to work all day – but here’s how I see it, firstly, it’s not always like that – workload changes from time to time.  Secondly, I may be a freelancer and I may be working at home – but I still see it as a job.  And just like any other real jobs where you need to clock in 8 hours or so, being a freelancer also means you need to invest time (not necessarily as much, ‘will definitely depend on you of course) if you’re seriously looking to make a living out of it.

For me, having a work routine or a schedule that I can roughly follow help in keeping and in conditioning a mindset that is focused on being responsible.  Based on experience, it’s very easy to get lost in the habit of procrastinating, and if you’re a freelancer there’s not much room to hide or cushion to cover up for that habit. Time and again, I have proven that (for me at least), keeping a schedule always pays in the end. ;)

So, there!  This is pretty much how my day normally goes.  What about you, what is a normal day like for you?


All images from Unsplash edited by yours truly :)


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