Weekly Photo Challenge: Eye Spy

This is my nephew, Uno – just a few days short from turning 1-year-old, here. I particularly love this shot of him because he’s looking straight back at me when I’m literally spying on him from a good distance using a long-focus lens.

You know how kids can be sometimes when they’re around the camera – either they’re loving it or they’re just not taking any of it.  So instead of risking him grabbing the camera or throwing fits about not being handed the camera – we figured using a long-focus lens will do the trick (plus of course, some of his favorite toys and an orange)!eye-spy

This photo was taken in our backyard in a makeshift ‘bahay kubo’ where we usually eat out during Sundays. We just let him play with his cousins and other aunts and they would occasionally ask him, ‘Where’s Ninang Aian?’ – that’s when he would search around the yard looking out for me.  And even if he can’t see my face I guess he just knew it was me and just gave me this sweet smile. Perhaps he thought I was hiding from him and find it funny that he can still see me. :)

So, that’s my interpretation for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge! I’m looking forward to see yours!


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