My Not-So-Green Thumb

I’m not exactly your typical gardener – I’m not that knowledgeable and not that experienced either, but I’m sure is quite patient so even with my not-so-green thumb I took on a challenge to make (still a work in progress) my own little garden.

Just last week I woke up to another ‘casualty’ – these beauties are doing great one moment then with a tiny miscalculation with watering, they’re gone! Like there-is-no-way-to-salvage-them gone.succulent-care-11.16.2015I pull it off from its planter and yep, confirmed, I definitely over-watered it.  Like I can actually squeeze water from its stem.  I should have listened to my instinct and repotted it.  Just a few days before I woke up to it looking blackened and undoubtedly dead I’m already noticing how heavy its planter feels whenever I lift it up – considering I water them like a few days ago already, I’m thinking it shouldn’t be that heavy still.  Anyways, I choose to ignore that and convinced myself that it’s not possible since I only water them twice a week.

Oh, and yes, that’s another thing – from once a week I decided to water them twice (probably did that for 3 weeks in a row) especially when after doing so I notice that the leaves are considerably looking plump and pretty.  I’m thinking it’s very hot anyway, it’s practically like summer here – so it should be fine.  Well, now I know it’s not.

succulent-care-08.23.2015So, that’s that.  I’m pretty upset of course. Considering that I thought it’s actually doing great – new leaves on top and new growth underneath (I’m actually super excited for those baby succulents there!).

Just look at how it used to look like about 3 months ago!

Instead of sulking, I remember one wondering cow‘s take on these things regarding gardening and I’m like – yes, I should just buy a new one! :)

After some time of scouring the internet for a local online seller of succulents – since I don’t feel like ordering from the seller I previously brought from, I found one that offers quite a variety of choices, have a pretty decent website and replies promptly to inquiries…well, let’s just say that I’m looking forward and intently waiting for a very green package anytime next week :)

So, are you guys into gardening, too?  I would like to consider myself as one – still learning of course, but definitely decided on being one.  Any tips?



4 thoughts on “My Not-So-Green Thumb

  1. You’ve already caught the main hint – you are much more likely to kill these guys with water than with neglect. Sorry – clicking the ‘LIKE’ button here is just not appropriate :)

    • haha! no worries, I totally get the ‘like’ thing.
      Anyways, ‘will definitely make sure to take it easy on the water this time ;) I’m also trying to figure out the best spot where they can get sun without over-exposure. I read somewhere that they tend to grow ‘taller’ when they’re not getting enough sunshine (which I’m actually noticing now).

    • I guess sometimes the most obvious or most simple solution to some problems aren’t always that ‘obvious’ unless someone points it out (unintentionally or not!). So I’m done stressing out about the not-so-successful succulents in my mini garden :)
      I’m hoping though that I’m a tiny bit wiser with my second batch and would do better this time :)

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