Random Thoughts on a Very Random Friday

TGIF! I don’t have any plans but still, I am thankful that it’s Friday! I have my schedule set for tomorrow work-wise but generally, random stuff in my head keeps popping up.

First off, I’m beginning to believe that January is the ‘Monday’ of the year – not that I hate Mondays…oh okay, maybe a little! :)

Severus Snape will always be one of my favorite Harry Potter characters.  Always.

I got my hair dyed – reddish-brown.  Not too excited about it at first but now…I’m loving it.

If my succulents could talk they would have complained by now.  I’m guilty of giving them way too much fussing about that there’s a good chance I’m disturbing their root growth.

succulent collection

I really like William from ‘The Little Couple’ – he’s so adorable he makes me smile.

I’m sleeping with lights off these past few weeks.

I need a diamond drill bit.

I’m not quite sure why I’m writing this post…my thoughts are all over the place!

But hey, ‘will publish this anyway:)

And with that, I’m leaving you with this:




5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on a Very Random Friday

  1. :) You make me smile. I think I agree that January feels like a Monday. It holds a promise of a better year, but it drains and drags you because it makes you think that it’s only the beginning and that you don’t even know where to being or if you even want to begin something.

    • haha! It’s weird how you start all excited and sooo ready to share something..but then you ended up with too many intros and incoherent stuff and then you just get lost with your own thoughts :)

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