The Sunday Currently Volume 8: The Lockdown

I never imagined my comeback post to be this memorable – we’re in the middle of a pandemic and lockdown! Wow.

Two and half months into lockdown and I’m still in disbelief that we’re actually experiencing a pandemic. Like it’s still ongoing. Like we’re still in it. Like nobody knows yet for sure when will it end. Wow.

I’m either too numb or too scared to realize how serious the situation we are in right now.  Should I be more worried? Am I too, calm? Not panicky enough? Too relaxed?  Maybe this is my way of coping with it. To each their own, right? I’m waiting it out in the safety of our home. Keeping myself busy with whatnot. Catching up on my sleep. Enjoying idleness.

Just keep going’ – that’s my mantra these days. You have to, right? You just got to keep going. I mean really, what’s the alternative, right? Keep going or what?  So, I’m like, hang in there – this too will pass. And oh yeah, ‘focus on the good’ – another mantra I originally started last January.  Although 2020 is becoming even more challenging as it sweeps through the months, I’m still trying my best to focus on the good.

the sunday currently volume8

I’m currently:

Uhmmm…I actually learned a word a couple of days age, Tsundoku (acquiring reading materials but letting them pile up in one’s home without reading them. The term originated in the Meiji era as Japanese slang. It combines elements of tsunde-oku and dokusho. It is also used to refer to books ready for reading later when they are on a bookshelf. – Wikipedia).
I think I’m far from being one, but I have got to say…It’s starting to pile up.


Planning to get back at writing, this post is hopefully a good start.

To BTS! I’m trying to ‘focus on the good’ so I’ll say 2020 is the year that I embraced BTS.


I don’t want to think too much these days because I always end up feeling worried. So again, ‘focus on the good’ and think…Sunday lunch. Packages due to arrive. Planted tank. Cherry shrimp. Weighing scale. Succulent. Photobook.

Scented candle. It’s green. I forgot what it’s called. Smells fresh though.

scented candle

For COVID-19 vaccine.

For a peaceful transition to our new normal.

The usual.

Time. I realized that I’ve never enjoyed me time in years now. I tried to convince myself that taking a vacation every now and then or shopping for stuff is my way of loving myself. Surprisingly, just having free time to just do whatever felt more rewarding to me.


Potato chips.

A new routine to start. I’m loving all the free time I have now but I know that I also need a routine really soon before I sink too deep into idleness.

I’ll say 50% okay, 30% worried, 20% numb.

A lot of online courses…just clicking, not necessarily going for it. Does that count as ‘trying’ or at least can I say ‘I tried’? lol! But I’m doing a lot of reading online, mainly to freshen up some skills that I’ll be needing to land new projects.
I’m also busy blog hopping – I want to know what my blogger friends are up to these days 😉



The Sunday Currently was originally created by SiddaThornton.

11 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently Volume 8: The Lockdown

  1. I think you have one of the best attitudes about the pandemic that I’ve heard Aian. We’re doing about the same here. It’s just a matters of survival. I have my boat, a fishing rod, and enough projects to keep me from getting bored. Keep well and enjoy the peace of the moments. 💟

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