Attracting an Amazing 2016!

Just like that 2015 is nearly over! And before I bid the year that was a happy goodbye – I want to spend some time remembering why I’m thankful.


I made it through the year!
In one piece. Generally healthy. Fairly fit.

No major family drama.
Perhaps, after all… we’re all maturing.

The things that I was so concerned about when the year started went by without a hitch.
Surprisingly, even with ease.

I was able to gain better control of my finances.
Still needs improvement, but I did really well.

I stuck to my decision to say no to some people and to some things.
It felt good to simply say ‘no’ – not easy, but, definitely good.

I played a role in achieving one important person’s dream.
I feel pretty proud. I’m still grinning about it.

I was able to tick two items in my (informal) bucket list.
Could have done more, yes, but I’m happy with my two.

I got into gardening.
Yep, I’m now a self-confessed succulent sucker :)

I’m gifting myself more often.
Without guilt. In fact, even with gusto!

I’m getting really good projects and meeting really pleasant people online.
I really love my job :)


I come across this quote by the Dalai Lama and thought I should be practicing this more often.  So instead of me complaining and feeling bad about the things that aren’t, I’m embracing and feeling gratitude for the things that are. Doing so actually made me realized how blessed I am. :)gratefulness

It was indeed a great year for me and I’m looking forward to an amazing 2016 – can’t wait to see the miracles and surprises life would bring!!! For now, I just want to wish each and everyone a happy, peaceful, and abundant new year!!! :)

Aian Ramos


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