Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

When I learned about the theme of the latest Weekly Photo Challenge, I instantly know where to dig my entries from! *wide grin

Ornate is an adjective very fitting of all of Cambodia’s ancient temples.  In fact, just looking back at my photo collection, I’m still amazed at the details, at the sheer volume…it was unbelievably great!  Even the ‘simplest’ temple will not disappoint you – very evident that during ancient times perhaps ornate is the least of the requirements when building temples – at least in this part of the world.

weekly-photo-challenge, ornate 2

Alright, I have to admit – I can’t quite remember where or what this particular temple is called but nonetheless I love it just the same.  (When adding the watermark, I notice that whitish shape at the lower right side – I zoomed in and can’t figure out what it is. Hmm..I’m curious but being the scaredy-cat that I am….well, let’s just say I’m not too thrilled to find out what it is, lol).

weekly-photo-challenge, ornate 3

This image is taken from Bayon – I’m not fond of playing favorites, but, yes – Bayon temples are easily my fav! If only I was able to capture the whole of it – if that’s even possible (Well, I’m pretty sure professional photographers could, haha).  I feel so small standing there, I remember getting in and out and climbing up and down every nook I found.

weekly-photo-challenge, ornate

This is taken using my phone – yep, panoramic shot baby! haha! Sorry, I’m just feeling really proud I was able to capture it ‘flawlessly’ (after so many tries, with hands almost shaking – no kidding! I was THAT excited and amazed and overjoyed (I think this is pretty much my version of unlimited shoe-shopping if I happen to be a shoe person!)

So, that’s about it – my straightforward interpretation of this week’s theme Ornate!

I’m looking forward to blog hopping and seeing what you guys have, feeling pretty excited actually!


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

  1. Beautiful shots, Aian. I was just trying to imagine the time, workmanship, and skill it took to build these temples.
    So good to see you out here again. It’s been a loooonnng time !!! :)

    • Thanks, Paul!
      It also amazes me how these temples withstand time, I’m really in awe!
      It’s great to be back again and I totally agree, it’s been a long time, haha!

    • Thank you! I love your Rosslyn Chapel photos – beautiful as well! I watched a documentary on YouTube a few weeks ago and it features the chapel, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

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