When the King Dies

You just know how good a man really was when he dies and even people who are practically a stranger to him are somehow affected by his loss.

The Comedy King of Philippine cinema, Dolphy, passed away after about a month-long hospitalization due to health issues.  It was reported that he finally succumbed due to multiple organ failure last night at around 8:30pm, July 10.  I actually learned about it from my mom and honestly, the news did sadden me… even if I don’t know him personally.

Growing up, I did know him as a great comedian.  I’ve watched a handful of his movies.  Although I can’t quite remember vividly a particular full-length movie of his, I do know bits and pieces of different roles he has done.  He’s the funny sidekick, the trusted friend, the father, the superhero, the leading man (yep! He’s skinny and all but he’s the ladies’ man!), the drag queen, dual roles and so much more!

I remember ‘John en Marsha’ but I’m more of a ‘Home Along da Riles’ genre ;-), both television series run for more than a decade!  That is really something!  A testament not just to his craft as an actor but to his charisma to the viewing public.

Not all actors in his caliber are able to maintain such status in life and in business up until to the very end.  He basically has an immaculately clean record in the movie industry.  Never have I heard of any controversy regarding him or his work ethics.  I think the only thing you can (hardly) fault him with is that he’s a ladies’ man and has fathered 17 children to different women.  Well, I’m not so sure, but I think when you’re the funny guy you simply attract gorgeous women by default!  Even this fact didn’t tarnish his reputation of being a good man, he provided well for his family.  You can only hear good words not just from his children but siblings and coworkers as well.

When the King dies, the kingdom mourns.  Quite evidently with the left and right tribute now airing on practically all TV channels.  (Hey, I’m not complaining, he’s the king after all!)   Although it is a sad fact that Dolphy is really gone now, I think he did live a full life and accomplished more than he’s expected of…he left quite a stunning legacy that any Quizon will be proud of.  He is indeed the King of Comedy, I could not think of anyone who can come close to him.  I think quite frankly, no one’s entitled to succeed the throne.   Like seriously, can you think of anyone?  That workmanship and caliber are unique to Dolphy alone.  And that is something worth smiling about whenever you think of the Comedy King!

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