When Everything Else is Failing, Just Smile!


A photo of my niece and inspiring words from Mother Teresa :)

Sometimes when life gets too easy and smooth, I get too comfortable that I forgot that this, too, shall end.  So when things started to get rocky and veered from what I had planned, I either panic or just froze.  But I believe I know better now.  That when things suddenly turn into worst I’m supposed to hang on because it will only get better, it may not seem like it sometimes but time and again it always does.  So now I’ve learned to keep my faith and just believe that even if it may take quite longer than you thought it would, still, it’ll get better.

While ‘hanging on’ I remember there were days when I’m forcing myself to smile.  I’ve listened to the law of attraction audio version a few times, and it says there it would help.  So I’m thinking what am I got to lose?  So I would just smile (I’ll even look at the mirror sometimes).  Before I knew it, either I’m smiling genuinely at how stupid I may be looking with that forced smile on my face or at how desperate I am to think that it would actually work.  But hey, guess what, it does helps!  Smiling does makes you feel better.  So by law of attraction, I just smile as I hang on.

When everything else is failing, I have learned to just smile.  I accepted the fact that life isn’t easy and there’s no such thing as happy ending.  It is our choice to continue living and wait until the next bout of happy times and savor it while it last while you brace yourself for the trying times and muster the strength to hang on until it passes.


6 thoughts on “When Everything Else is Failing, Just Smile!

  1. Wonderful words, especially when associated with your lovely picture. Although at times we do stumble, just know that we will always go through pain and suffering. However, the fact is pain is inevitable, but suffering is an option. Obstacles are placed at various points in our lives to test whether or not what we are searching for in life is indeed truly worth it, and once we reach that peak, once we reach that moment of truth, the feelings is so much better. As you said, “just smile.” Again, great photograph, and adding a saying by Mother Teresa makes it even more memorable.

    • Thanks for the kind words Jean ♥
      And also, you’re flattering me with your comments about my photo ;) having someone of your caliber to take note of what I had to show is making me blush, ☺ lol!

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