The Sunday Currently Volume 5: It feels a lot like Christmas!

It’s the first week of December and it feels a lot like Christmas here. The tree is up, the lantern is brightly shining and the little carolers are becoming regular!

As soon as the sun goes down, you can already expect carolers – a group of kids (usually from the area or sometimes from neighboring barangay) with their noisemakers singing outside our house. And by regular, I meant every night – they will patiently show up, sing a bit (a good 20-second song), and off they go!  In fact, they’re so regular they already know that I’ll be asking them to close the gate on their way out which of course they would happily oblige.

I love that there are still kids who are interested in Christmas caroling – it’s nice that while most kids won’t be bothered from their iPad, tablet or smartphone, here they are diligently going out every night – sometimes with the barest of instruments, like empty cans, wooden sticks, a pair of two stones or their own two hands!  Still, you can’t help but give them the props for singing in front of other people. :)The-Sunday-Currently-Volume-5

I’m currently:


Still reading Sophie’s World – I realized by now that this is not the kind of book that you can rush into reading.  It sure is about the history of Philosophy which is quite interesting – I did take up Philosophy subject back in college but probably because of my age now or the fact that I’m not pressured into learning details and names for the sake of quizzes or written exams, I’m absorbing and understanding more stuff now.  I can’t still nail down the names and dates but I’m surely appreciating this now :)

I have to admit though that when I read these lines: “One thing only I know, and that is that I know nothing.” – I’m like…Jon Snow :)


A schedule for the coming week – need to squeeze in a visit to the dentist and some DIY craft, I’m thinking of making use of some Christmas balls and ribbons – perhaps a Christmas wreath? We’ll see. :)


Still enjoying Locked Away by R.City featuring Adam Levine, a few hits by Phil Collins and Ed Sheeran’s Photograph – lately I just like happy or feel-good songs.  Sad songs make me too sad nowadays, remember the cover of As Long As You Love Me for Grey’s Anatomy – in as much as I really like it, I can’t help but feel seriously sad.  So, I’ll pass for now.


Of how blessed I am. :)




For a colder temperature – before, it’s usually colder (or at least not as hot) during ‘Ber’ months but I guess our planet is really in distress now :(


For a Merry Christmas!


The usual.


My succulents!  I fought the urge to re-pot them because it’s probably too soon. I just add holes to my ‘nursery’ container – where I put the leaves for propagation.


A productive week! Only good vibes!


A bedside lamp or perhaps a reading glass?


Full.  I have been craving for bacon and mushroom burger all week and I’m no longer craving for it now. :)


Online shops.

The Sunday Currently was originally created by SiddaThornton.


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